Social Affairs

Insurance Sectoral Social Dialogue

In the framework of the EU Insurance Sectoral Social Dialogue (ISSD), BIPAR takes part in the regular meetings of the Committee composed of organisations representing employees and employers (“social partners”). BIPAR participates in these meetings on the employers’ side, together with representatives from Insurance Europe and AMICE. During these meetings, participants mainly exchange good practices on different topics and, where possible, work towards joint declarations.

At the meeting of 3 March 2023, the social partners adopted their 2023-2024 work programme.

Cross-sectoral social dialogue

In January 2023, the European Commission proposed a Council’s Recommendation, which sets out how EU countries can further strengthen social dialogue and collective bargaining at national level. The Commission also presented a Communication on reinforcing and promoting social dialogue at EU level.

BIPAR participates in cross-sectoral discussions regarding social dialogue, in particular in the framework of the Review of EU Social Dialogue.

State of play

Cross-sectoral social dialogue

In May 2022, February 2023 and April 2023, BIPAR co-signed joint letters (employers and trade unions) in a reaction to the above-mentioned Commission’s proposals which should aim to promote social partners' involvement at EU level, but which also include alternative approaches on the organisation of Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees such as the Insurance sectoral social dialogue in which BIPAR participates.

Social partners fear, amongst others, that multi-annual “project based” financing could endanger the autonomy of the social partners and their capacity to come up with meaningful outcomes. The lack of security and predictability of financing could also threaten the existence of some Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees.