BIPAR Academy

BIPAR Academy is a forum for insurance and financial intermediaries and their associations to study and discuss the changes affecting the insurance and financial intermediation sector in Europe.

In order to discuss these changes and to exchange views and experiences, BIPAR Academy brings together, at regular intervals, key people from the insurance regulatory and supervisory community, from the insurance and financial industry, academics and leading opinion makers and experts from other industries. BIPAR Academy also publishes papers and articles written by or in co-operation with experts or leaders in the industry.

BIPAR Academy was set up in 2017 and is an initiative of POI Aisbl in cooperation with BIPAR Aisbl, the European Federation of Insurance and Financial Intermediaries.

Since 2017, BIPAR Academy organised several meetings across Europe.

BIPAR Academy mainly focuses on:

The Insurance and financial intermediation market is going through the greatest evolution in the last 50 years, and the changes are mainly driven by:

  • the market, including clients, risks and (re-)insurers,
  • digitalisation with all its components, such as Big Data, e-commerce and the connected economy,
  • regulation including European rules and national laws, regulators and supervisors.

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