European Committee for Standardisation (CEN)

The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) is an association composed of 33 national standardisation bodies of 33 European countries. CEN develops standards for various industry sectors through technical committees composed of national bodies. BIPAR was given the possibility to participate in CEN work as a liaison organisation.

In 2016 CEN set up a Technical Committee (TC) focused on insurance. The TC is defined as “the neutral place for the European insurance industry to meet” and will “facilitate the coordination and collaboration on standardisation of electronic business between insurance markets in Europe”.

The CEN Technical Committee for the insurance sector deals with “the development of unique process models for the policy administration (quotation, offer, application, transfer of contract and premium data, premium and commission statement, party and contract changes, search and information services for party and contract) and for claims handling (notification, verification, assessment, authorisation, settlement and reimbursement, recovery, status information). Standardisation will focus on the processes which connect insurance companies with their customers and their market partners, e.g. brokers, sales organisations, portals, service providers. Processes for all lines of business in the insurance industry will be included, such as life, health, property and casualty.”

As a European liaison organisation, BIPAR can participate in the debates of the CEN Technical Committee for the insurance sector – without voting rights. The members of this CEN Technical Committee are working, through working groups, on 3 possible objectives:

  1. Electronic premium invoices;
  2. The transfer of electronic documents and
  3. The development of a European standard regarding reimbursement in health insurance.

BIPAR is interested in the “transfer of electronic documents between stakeholders in the insurance industry”. The aim is to specify the semantic process for the transfer of documents (insurance policy, claim notification, correspondence) that may be transferred as an attached file and a limited number of metadata describing the document (e.g. type of document, identification of insurer, intermediary and client, policy number, claim number). The first working draft was presented by June 2018 and it is subject to a vote within CEN. In order to be included in the work programme of CEN, the transfer of the electronic documents proposed project should be approved by more than 55% of the votes given representing more than 65% of the population and at least 5 national standardisation bodies shall commit to active participation in the development of the project.

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