Social Affairs

Insurance Sectoral Social Dialogue

In the framework of the EU Insurance Sectoral Social Dialogue (ISSD), BIPAR takes part in the regular meetings of the ISSD Committee composed of organisations representing employees and employers, the so-called social partners.

On 16 March 2021, BIPAR signed together with the other European social partners in the ISSDC a Joint Declaration on Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this Declaration, the social partners stress that AI is designed and used to enhance rather than replace human abilities. AI, similarly, to any other technological innovation, is neither good nor bad. Its character depends on human decision and application. The deployment of AI systems should follow "the human in control" principle. The social partners also highlighted that responsible AI development is expected to be an important aspect for the long-term competitiveness and economic viability of the insurance sector and the employability and working conditions of its employees.

In view of the ISSDC work programme 2021-2022, the EU social partners are now exploring the possibility of adopting a joint declaration on Diversity, Inclusion and non-Discrimination. The discussions are still ongoing. During the ISSDC plenary meeting of 16 March 2021, BIPAR representatives made a presentation on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the COVID-19 era at company level.

COVID-19 Joint Statement

On 30 March 2020, the EU social partners in the financial services sector signed a Joint Statement on the COVID-19 Emergency Crisis. The Statement declared the social partners’ full commitment to protecting their employees and to ensuring that the European banking and insurance sectors continue to assist their customers and support European economic activities to the best of their abilities during this unprecedented pandemic crisis.

- Published in June 2021 -

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