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BIPAR signs Joint Declaration on Diversity, Inclusion & non-Discrimination in the Insurance Sector

On 9 March 2022, BIPAR signed together with the other European social partners in the Insurance Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (ISSDC) a Joint Declaration on Diversity, Inclusion and non-Discrimination.

Through this declaration, the social partners agree on the definitions of diversity, inclusion and discrimination in the workforce and note that “respectful, tolerant and inclusive workplaces are key for employee satisfaction, engagement and empowerment and for the sector’s growth, success, innovativeness, creativity and sustainability”.

The EU social partners in the insurance sector promote equal opportunities in all aspects of the workforce (e.g. selection, training, pay) and encourage measures to be taken to integrate all groups of people based on the key principle of valuing each individual (e.g. protected groups, people with disabilities, older employees).

To continue building on the work already achieved, the EU social partners in the insurance sector would like to continue exchanging on the topics of diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination within the EU Sectoral Social Dialogue committee.

Joint Declaration

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