Social Affairs

In 1998, the European Commission decided to launch Sectoral Dialogue Committees promoting dialogue between the social partners in different sectors at European level. The Insurance Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (ISSDC), which is a working group composed of organisations representing employees and employers, was established in 1999. The BIPAR EU Social Affairs Committee, chaired by Mr. Didier Pissoort, takes an active role in participating in the European Social Dialogue in order to protect the interests of intermediaries. The social partners meet on a regular basis in the premises of the European Commission, around 4 times a year.

Social partners' meetings

The ISSDC partners meet around 4 times per year. These meetings are the occasion to discuss and analyse topics relevant to the insurance sector at European level. At the meetings, the European Commission also regularly provides updates such as on the state of play on the implementation of the EU Pillar of Social Rights.

2017/18 activities of the social partners in the insurance sector

Joint declaration regarding digitalisation

The European Commission, through the Digital Single Market strategy, highlighted the importance of digitalisation for the European economy in the years to come.In this respect on 16 March 2016, the cross-sectoral European social partners published a joint statement highlighting, in particular, that “the social partners, can play an important role to make sure that the agreed policies, most notably those related to labour markets and skills, make sense for enterprises and workers”.

The ISSDC partners in the insurance sector published on 12 October 2016 a joint declaration “on the social effects of digitalisation”. It is a non-binding text where the ISSDC partners call upon their members as well as all stakeholders in the insurance sector to take into account the joint declaration on digitalisation in their own practices. It focuses on 6 areas: the legal context, training, the time and place of work, the social aspect of digitalisation, leadership in the digital age and employees’ representatives in the digital age. At their meetings, the ISSDC partners share the latest developments and good practice examples on this topic within the different jurisdictions.

EU-funded project on the demographic challenge in the insurance sector

In 2010, the ISSDC partners signed and published a joint statement on demographic challenges in the insurance sector.Through financing by the EU, the ISSDC partners worked on ways to give more publicity to the statement and assemble good practices from different Member States in a booklet, translated into 9 European languages. This booklet was updated in 2015 and 2016. It focuses on qualifications and lifelong learning, work life balance and health and safety at work with a selection of sectoral and company level measures. The 2016 update includes two examples from BIPAR member associations: an example from Belgium and another one from the Czech Republic both regarding training of intermediaries. The 9 versions (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Croatian, Polish and Romanian) of the booklet are available on the BIPAR website.

At their meetings, the European social partners regularly share new developments and initiatives at sectoral and company level on this topic.

Joint letter and statement on the proposed Directive on the Services e-Card

In April 2017, the ISSDC partners issued a joint statement on the European Commission’s proposal for a European Services e-Card, together with organisations from the cleaning and construction sector.

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