Social Affairs

Insurance Sectoral Social Dialogue

In the framework of the EU Insurance Sectoral Social Dialogue (ISSD), BIPAR takes part in the regular meetings of the ISSD Committee composed of organisations representing employees and employers, the so-called social partners.

On 9 March 2022, BIPAR together with the other European social partners in the ISSD Committee signed a Joint Declaration on Diversity, Inclusion and non-Discrimination. Through this declaration, the social partners agree on the definitions of diversity, inclusion and discrimination in the workforce and note that “respectful, tolerant and inclusive workplaces are key for employee satisfaction, engagement and empowerment and for the sector’s growth, success, innovativeness, creativity and sustainability”. The EU social partners in the insurance sector promote equal opportunities in all aspects of the workforce (e.g. selection, training, pay) and encourage measures to be taken to integrate all groups of people based on the key principle of valuing each individual (e.g. protected groups, people with disabilities, older employees).

Review of EU Social Dialogue

In May 2021, the European Commission launched a consultation on the review of the EU sectoral social dialogue, to which BIPAR responded. The focus areas of the review were the following four:

  1. Improve the contribution of sectoral social dialogue to EU initiatives;
  2. Strengthen the outcomes and impact of sectoral social dialogue;
  3. Modernise and align the organisation of sectoral social dialogue to structural trends and new economic developments and contribute to a future-proof sectorial social dialogue;
  4. Improve the Commission support for sectoral social dialogue to achieve the above objectives.

As announced in the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan in March 2021, the Commission will present in 2022 an initiative to support EU and national social dialogue: “the initiative will include the launch of a new award for innovative social dialogue practices; an information and visiting programme for young future social partner leaders; the review of sectoral social dialogue at EU level and a new supporting frame for social partner agreements at EU level”.

The social dialogue initiative will consist of two components: 1) a chapeau Commission Communication on strengthening social dialogue in Europe and 2) a Commission proposal for a Council Recommendation on the role of social dialogue at national level. During the first months of 2022, the Commission organised a series of dedicated technical seminars and hearings in which BIPAR participated.